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Delivering Music: Better…Stronger…Faster.

Musical Revolution
Major record labels account for roughly 70% of global music sales. Yet, despite their overwhelming numbers, they are struggling in terms of growth and profitability. Music fans aren’t putting money in corporate pockets like they used to. And because of the major labels’ size, they’re incapable of adapting to the rapidly changing market and more importantly, the impact of advancing technology. Simply put, the record industry is in trouble…

Musical Evolution
…but the music industry is thriving. There’s more music being consumed than ever before. People want music in their lives, and continue to find more ways to get it.

Huy Hoang (Founder | CEO) recognized that technology could be a way to flatten the playing field. With the right tools, indie labels can provide many of the functions a major label can. And with that belief, Bionic Mutt Records was born.

Huy also recognized that technology could allow artists to act like their own label. But just because they can do it, doesn’t mean they can do it well. He believes artists should be given the freedom to focus on their music, and allow Bionic Mutt to support them in the form of management, marketing, promotion, distribution, and recording/production. Bionic Mutt Records believe artists should have control over their creative destiny – and that artists should work with a label…not for it.


Huy Hoang, Founder | CEO
Huy graduated from the University of MD with a Marketing degree. He worked at Polygram Distribution in his senior year, promoting artists like Catherine Wheel, the Cranberries, and even U2.

He’s currently living in NYC, where he has spent the past 10+ years in the world of advertising. He has worked on global brands in nearly every discipline, including brand advertising, print advertising, direct marketing, and interactive advertising.

Huy always kept a pulse on the music industry and missed working in it, so he formed his own band, The Interim Project. He handled all the creative and business affairs with the eye of an ad man, too. Not satisfied with just his band, he managed his friends’ band, the Flying Points, for a period of time.

In 2009, Huy took it a step further and formed Bionic Mutt Records to realize his vision of how an indie record label could help emerging artists take their act to the next level, using his advertising experience and leveraging advancing digital technology.

Joe Kuo, Co-Founder | Chairman
Joe is currently dually based out of the New York City and Seattle offices of Bionic Mutt Records.

He has spent over 13 years in corporate public relations, developing and executing media relations and corporate communications programs on behalf of senior management teams at financial services and private equity companies of all sizes and at all stages of development.

At the label, Joe focuses on strategic oversight issues, and the continued evolution of the Bionic Mutt Records platform as an enabling partner to independent artists.

He holds a BA from Yale University, and a Professional Certificate in Finance from the New York Institute of Finance.

Damon G. Brooks, VP of Business Development
Damon hails from the Boston area where he earned his degree at Tufts University.  After moving to NYC in 2002, he continued his career in health care, negotiating deals and building relationships with health care delivery systems around the world.

A career change in 2008 brought Damon’s years of corporate experience into the world of entertainment.  He worked with a Broadway producer/general manager and international theater management company, involving the management of both the artistic/creative and business components of the industry.

Damon performs as the lead singer of The Interim Project, and continues to approach the entertainment world from multiple angles.  As he pursues a career encompassing one of his greatest passions – music – he continues to build relationships with writers, composers, producers, performers, and management in all genres and looks forward to helping artists maximize their exposure to a wider, global audience.

Derek Monteverdi, Research Director
Derek’s love for music began in the summer of 1981 with the birth of MTV and debut of “Video Killed The Radio Star”.  It would take 3 more years for his true musical awakening to occur after first hearing Depeche Mode’s “People Are People” on WLIR.  Music has been an important part of his life ever since.

Derek started working online in 1996 when domains ending in .edu were among the most popular sites in the world.  He spent a couple of amazing years at a joint venture between BMG (now Sony Music Entertainment) and Universal Music Group before the bubble burst.  Over the past decade, he’s worked for companies and clients in various industries including publishing, entertainment, luxury retail, consumer banking and software.

Derek’s primary role at Bionic Mutt Records focuses on using digital research to understand fans and market artists more effectively.  He graduated with a B.A. in Sociolgy and Psychology from the State University of New York at Albany .

Lexington the Dog
The original Bionic Mutt.